torstai 15. joulukuuta 2011

Final update! (of the year)

Well well. I don't know if anyone reads this but here we go. Many things have happened since the last entry. I'd like to sum up this fruitful year with following words:

First of all, our first gig outside Oulu since 2004 happened in Kemijärvi, at KeloStock festival July 2nd. It was a great evening and we did an ultimate die hard edition (5 copies!) of "sub specie aeternitatis" demo for that night. Besides the demo, package contained a DVD of our demo release gig "Basismin aakkoset". We also did a bunch of awesome k+k t-shirts before the gig. We'd like to thank all who bought our stuff, appreciated!

The gig went just fine and we also included a couple of new tunes in our set. The whole show can be seen here:

And here's some footage before and after the show:

Second of all, I'm so relieved that we finally got the 10" vinyl release out. The wait was long but I hope it was worth it. I think the package overall turned out quite nice with bonus cassette and all. We also did a 2nd pressing of the actual casette demo, 24 copies total. This time the cassette was white blank with both sides on both sides (does that make sense?). Anyway, I think it sounds superb on this particular format!

Third of all, a couple of new videos were released. The last video for the demo, Imperative Movement, showed the harsh reality of diy vinyl cover making. As a bonus we put out an alternative version for Tacts of Life shot with me and my little brother in a small village in the northern Finland.

Imperative Movement:

Tacts of Life (#2):

Lastly I wanna say that I'm still very happy with the demo and how it sounds. I'm also pleased how we got so understanding reviews from medias like Imperiumi and Inferno. Here's some of my favourite bits.

That's all. Hope we'll make some more history next year! Hablamos!

on behalf of K+K

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