torstai 9. toukokuuta 2013

Gig + new material

Our next gig is at Ykän pub in Oulu 24.5. warming up the great Estonian fellows of Talbot. They play bone crushing heavy music with drums & bass. Also Earthbound Machine from Helsinki will be performing. Besides the classics we will play one brand new tune, so be sure to be there!

And what comes to our second release, the core material is already written. Now we need to practice hugely and maybe tweak some arrangements but I think we will be ready for studio by the end of summer. Or by the end of 2013, at the latest! I can reveal that there might be slight Mew influences, at least in some way. We both love that unique Danish band and have even played a bit of Introduing the Palace Players live one time.

That's it for now. Later! -Jani