lauantai 28. joulukuuta 2013

Final update (of the year, again!)

Well that was the year 2013. It was actually our busiest year so far, at least concerning concerts. After the last update, we played "Nuke" for the 4th time (hails to headliner The Grand Astoria!) and then Ravintola Caio in 8th December.

As said earlier, we surely played one new tune live a few times. And we're actually heading for the studio to record it, if possible, before the end of the year! So prepare yourselves for some bizarreness!

We're also going to publish our next gig soon. It will be very special event, I promise!

Btw, here's a collage from the "summer tour":

So have a good new year and we'll get back to you sooooon!

-Jani / K+K