sunnuntai 1. toukokuuta 2011



Here's some news from K+K camp.
First of all, we finally got the cassette released a couple of weeks ago. And they're almost sold out, thanks to you! There's still few at Levykauppax Äx for 4,90€. So go there and buy it before others!

Next on the line is the vinyl edition and that's going to be delayed at least a month due to technical problems. But sooner or later all you eight fortunate ones will have your vinyl with the magnificent bonus cassette!

Secondly, our demo release gig (and the event overall) went really well and our fellow musician Antti Karhu was awesome enough to record, film and cut the show for us. So kudos to Antti and the 2nd camera man Taneli Rantakokko! You can see the result here:

We also got the first demo review!'s Rami Turtinainen was gracious: (in Finnish).

Plans are to make a second music video soon!

P.S. There might be a gig in the northern Finland this summer.
P.P.S. We're getting one song on independent cassette compilation later this year.