torstai 15. joulukuuta 2011

Final update! (of the year)

Well well. I don't know if anyone reads this but here we go. Many things have happened since the last entry. I'd like to sum up this fruitful year with following words:

First of all, our first gig outside Oulu since 2004 happened in Kemijärvi, at KeloStock festival July 2nd. It was a great evening and we did an ultimate die hard edition (5 copies!) of "sub specie aeternitatis" demo for that night. Besides the demo, package contained a DVD of our demo release gig "Basismin aakkoset". We also did a bunch of awesome k+k t-shirts before the gig. We'd like to thank all who bought our stuff, appreciated!

The gig went just fine and we also included a couple of new tunes in our set. The whole show can be seen here:

And here's some footage before and after the show:

Second of all, I'm so relieved that we finally got the 10" vinyl release out. The wait was long but I hope it was worth it. I think the package overall turned out quite nice with bonus cassette and all. We also did a 2nd pressing of the actual casette demo, 24 copies total. This time the cassette was white blank with both sides on both sides (does that make sense?). Anyway, I think it sounds superb on this particular format!

Third of all, a couple of new videos were released. The last video for the demo, Imperative Movement, showed the harsh reality of diy vinyl cover making. As a bonus we put out an alternative version for Tacts of Life shot with me and my little brother in a small village in the northern Finland.

Imperative Movement:

Tacts of Life (#2):

Lastly I wanna say that I'm still very happy with the demo and how it sounds. I'm also pleased how we got so understanding reviews from medias like Imperiumi and Inferno. Here's some of my favourite bits.

That's all. Hope we'll make some more history next year! Hablamos!

on behalf of K+K

tiistai 14. kesäkuuta 2011

June update!


Last week we had a pleasure to warp up the Nuclear Nightclub's stage for the Estonian duo of doom - Talbot. Great musicians, great company, great evening! Video material from our gig coming online sooner or later.

As for the vinyl pressing, it is finally progressing. We will have a test pressing done this week and if all goes well we'll have the whole batch done pretty soon. Cool!

Last weekend I did a music video for the song "After the Storm I Stare at the Sun" with my brother Ville and this is the result:

And here's the previous video done with Jarru, Tacts of Life:

See ya at KeloStock in Kemijärvi 2nd July!


sunnuntai 1. toukokuuta 2011



Here's some news from K+K camp.
First of all, we finally got the cassette released a couple of weeks ago. And they're almost sold out, thanks to you! There's still few at Levykauppax Äx for 4,90€. So go there and buy it before others!

Next on the line is the vinyl edition and that's going to be delayed at least a month due to technical problems. But sooner or later all you eight fortunate ones will have your vinyl with the magnificent bonus cassette!

Secondly, our demo release gig (and the event overall) went really well and our fellow musician Antti Karhu was awesome enough to record, film and cut the show for us. So kudos to Antti and the 2nd camera man Taneli Rantakokko! You can see the result here:

We also got the first demo review!'s Rami Turtinainen was gracious: (in Finnish).

Plans are to make a second music video soon!

P.S. There might be a gig in the northern Finland this summer.
P.P.S. We're getting one song on independent cassette compilation later this year.


perjantai 25. maaliskuuta 2011

Basismin aakkoset / The ABC of Bassism!

Three guitarless bands performing this Saturday at Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu!


- Cause For Effect
- Plan E
- K+K-tactics

Tickets: 6€

We will start the evening appr. 22:30. See ya there!

Check out the Facebook event here.

Remember to download our demo if you haven't already:

Apparently our homepages are temporarily down. But you can listen the songs at SoundCloud as well.


perjantai 18. maaliskuuta 2011

It's time!

Finally. Here's the demo:
We wanna thank everyone involved, without you we would have never got this done. Really!

Cover image by Pasi Lassila:

Jani & Jarru

keskiviikko 16. maaliskuuta 2011

Soon, soon!

Tracks are sounding great, thanks Väinö!
Vibes from the last mixing session:


tiistai 15. maaliskuuta 2011

Watch out!

All right folks, our debut demo "sub specie aeternitatis" will be unleashed soon!

Here's the tracklist:
1. Imperative Movement
2. Random Mega Force
3. Tacts of Life
4. After the Storm I Stare at the Sun

And here's a music video of Random Mega Force for you to taste what's coming:


maanantai 21. helmikuuta 2011

Special Stuff 2004-2010

Almost all ten bonus cassettes are now recorded. Quite exhausting job as my tape recorder isn't at its best.. Here's the song list, from oldest to newest (different order in every cassette):

- Rosolli (J. Kanniainen & The Boys live @ Sotilaskoti, Sodankylä 7.1.2004)
- Tribute To Berzerker, I Love Berzerker & I Love Berzerker 2 (Jarru's solo project 04/05)
- Imperative (rehearsal recording 6.11.2005)
- Imperative (rehearsal recording 6.12.2005)
- Antti's Dream: Years of Stengah (rehearsal recording 21.7.2010)
- Random Mega Force (Guitar Pro "demo" 16.9.2010)
- Intro (Oulu rokkaa, Radio Mega 27.11.2010)

These 10 unique cassettes are already reserved for vinyl purchasers! The songs won't be available anywhere else so you small amount of people can consider yourselves lucky.
However, you still have to wait for the actual demo as it's is still in the mixing process. But it'll be finished sooner or later, don't worry! And good things are worth waiting for, or what they say.. If you're interested in obtaining a copy of the upcoming demo in c-cassette format (numbered edition of 20, price 5€), send us mail to kktactics(at)

Oh, we had also our 2nd improv theatre rehearsals last week. That's exciting stuff too!


maanantai 31. tammikuuta 2011

K+K + improv theatre stuff

Hi Fans!

Today we had a bizarre experience with Jani. we were asked to play improvised music to a group of actors in their rehearsals. Even more bizarre was the fact that they were also improvising every moment of their scenes. We used three different kind of approaches (as we were teached by the experienced actors).

First we played as sensitive as we could, trying to add depth to the improvised scenes. I think that is the most basic form of combining music and acting.
Second one was the first plus improvised, short songs whenever someone from the audience clapped. The clap stopped the scene and all actors had to sing in the theme of their most previous sentence they had used. I especially loved a song about "washing a corpse" on top of a funky groove.
Third one was called "film noir". It is supposed to have a gentle jazzy approach to it, and sometimes in the middle of acting any actor could jump in front of others (stopping the scene for a moment) and doing a "narrative sequence". For our playing, we made a special repeated part (improvised of course) for the "narrative parts". Other parts were basicly done as descriped above.

We really didn't know what improvised acting was all about. Now we know. It is definitely interesting. And cool. And have we mentioned before; we really love playing improvised crooked stuff!

Jarru & Jani