maanantai 27. syyskuuta 2010


So all drums 'n' bass tracks are now recorded. It was a fun weekend indeed despite the fact that I had conveniently injured my left shoulder just before the studio. Thus I had to place my cymbals lower than usually. But it went just fine and we got great sounds from Dollar Sound with the help of Janne Riikola the studio wizard!

This week's intentions includes percussion recordings (bongos, djembe, shakers, tambourine, cowbell etc.) plus serious mixing. And maybe shooting some epic band photos for cassette and vinyl covers!


Btw, here's a teaser containing clips from all four songs:

sunnuntai 26. syyskuuta 2010

Hangover Sound Studios

Yep. Basses recorded in three hours with the help of two energy drinks and some chips. Most of the parts were very easy to play, but some parts were maybe a bit too fresh for studio.. Gladly, Jani offered his helping hand and played some tough parts in the song "Random Mega Force". Check the end of the video for that stuff. In the end it fitted out nicely!

Bass parts were recorded with a Warwick 5-string Fortress One and a 4-string Ibanez electro-acoustic. The sound was taken directly from my V-amp for bass. There is some ultra bass, high end boosts, drive and special effects, making the bass-drum duo soundscape a bit more interesting.

We are going to record some more stuff, at least extra percussions, some sounds of rain, a flute solo and some spoken words.

Jarru K.

lauantai 25. syyskuuta 2010

Dollar Sound - day 1

Yesterday was drumming time, here's some pictures and video collage from the productive evening. Next basses, watch out!!


tiistai 21. syyskuuta 2010

Hey you,

We just finished up doing the background support midi's. Great deal of changes were also made to the songs and some of those we done with throwing a dice. Literately.

In the song with working name "Imperative" the 50th tact was randomized with throwing a 20-sided dice twice and divided with 2. We had a 15 and a 5, which makes it total 20. Now Jani has to compose a drum fill to a tact of 20/2 = 10 8th notes, ending up simplified to 5/4. 

Two throwes ending up together in an uneven sum would've been funnier though! We love twisted (and missing?) 16th notes, surely we do.

We are both anxious about the album, there will be some really good stuff on it. On friday and saturday we'll step to the Dollar Sound Studio with a big, crooked smile on our faces, knowing that it will be AWESOME.

drumming the table, anxiously,

Jarru K.

perjantai 17. syyskuuta 2010

Tacts of K+K

Rehearsing again! Yeah! Below some proof:

The concept is getting clearer all the time and new insane ideas emerges. We jammed the last piece and that'll be the first ever recorded song written solely by me, nice! Also the other 3 are doing fine.
We're having some more guest appearances in addition to the synth player... Expect something exceptional!

We'll put out 10 numbered pieces of 10" vinyl and as a bonus we're giving a free cassette that contains exclusive material only for vinyl buyers! Normal cassette edition will be around 20 numbered pieces. That'll be cool too! Cassette costs 4-5 euros. We take pre-orders at

I honestly think that this is going to be the greatest demo I've been working with...
Btw, it will be called "Sub specie aeternitatis" as the sharpest of you might have noted!


maanantai 6. syyskuuta 2010

Still waiting for the studio

The first official rehearsals for the demo took place last Sunday. I don't even remember when I had been this excited about anything.
Next some shocking reveals about the songs! We put together a tune which has material from 2003 and 2010. It's going to be a monster. Some might recall one riff from Jarru & The Boys's army gigs, or not. We also dug up this crazy-ass piece that back in the day some of DBO's guitar candidates heard and thought they'd pass the position.. I think it's one of our finest compositions, combining heavy grooving and weird twists with melodic smoothness. But to not get too nostalgic, we'll put another new song there and spice up The Storm a little bit more.

And good news for vinyl freaks! It seriously looks like the 10" edition could happen, but the price tag will be around 20 euros since the pressing is extremely limited, as I mentoined earlier.. But It'll be worth it! We've got also some other magnificiently genious ideas for this release. You'll be surprised!