maanantai 21. helmikuuta 2011

Special Stuff 2004-2010

Almost all ten bonus cassettes are now recorded. Quite exhausting job as my tape recorder isn't at its best.. Here's the song list, from oldest to newest (different order in every cassette):

- Rosolli (J. Kanniainen & The Boys live @ Sotilaskoti, Sodankylä 7.1.2004)
- Tribute To Berzerker, I Love Berzerker & I Love Berzerker 2 (Jarru's solo project 04/05)
- Imperative (rehearsal recording 6.11.2005)
- Imperative (rehearsal recording 6.12.2005)
- Antti's Dream: Years of Stengah (rehearsal recording 21.7.2010)
- Random Mega Force (Guitar Pro "demo" 16.9.2010)
- Intro (Oulu rokkaa, Radio Mega 27.11.2010)

These 10 unique cassettes are already reserved for vinyl purchasers! The songs won't be available anywhere else so you small amount of people can consider yourselves lucky.
However, you still have to wait for the actual demo as it's is still in the mixing process. But it'll be finished sooner or later, don't worry! And good things are worth waiting for, or what they say.. If you're interested in obtaining a copy of the upcoming demo in c-cassette format (numbered edition of 20, price 5€), send us mail to kktactics(at)

Oh, we had also our 2nd improv theatre rehearsals last week. That's exciting stuff too!