maanantai 31. tammikuuta 2011

K+K + improv theatre stuff

Hi Fans!

Today we had a bizarre experience with Jani. we were asked to play improvised music to a group of actors in their rehearsals. Even more bizarre was the fact that they were also improvising every moment of their scenes. We used three different kind of approaches (as we were teached by the experienced actors).

First we played as sensitive as we could, trying to add depth to the improvised scenes. I think that is the most basic form of combining music and acting.
Second one was the first plus improvised, short songs whenever someone from the audience clapped. The clap stopped the scene and all actors had to sing in the theme of their most previous sentence they had used. I especially loved a song about "washing a corpse" on top of a funky groove.
Third one was called "film noir". It is supposed to have a gentle jazzy approach to it, and sometimes in the middle of acting any actor could jump in front of others (stopping the scene for a moment) and doing a "narrative sequence". For our playing, we made a special repeated part (improvised of course) for the "narrative parts". Other parts were basicly done as descriped above.

We really didn't know what improvised acting was all about. Now we know. It is definitely interesting. And cool. And have we mentioned before; we really love playing improvised crooked stuff!

Jarru & Jani