torstai 5. kesäkuuta 2014

2nd coming

Alright, we're back! And our soooooon was about 6 months, haha. But it's okay since the new single is now recorded & mixed and we're about to release it as soon as the mastering and music video are done. The estimated due date is Friday 13th June. The music video will be done diy way (of course) and it will be stop motion animation which I've been dreaming of doing for years. So watch out for that! Check out the teaser video from studio:

The special gig mentioned earlier took place in Salla, Lapland at an event called East-Rock 2014. The line-up was the most awkward we've played so far: first there were us, then a strongly political hardcore/punk band from Northern Finland, next a pretty basic rock trio from Rovaniemi and finally this famous little Finnish rapper called Uniikki. But it was great experience as the crowd consisted of mostly 6-10 year old boys and girls, some of them probably heard live music for the first time.

You can watch the whole show here:

So that's about it for now. Remember to check out the summer single & video next week!