keskiviikko 22. joulukuuta 2010

Bonus cassettes

I just started making some bonus cassette covers for vinyl byers. We're gonna put different song order to each copy and I decided to make the covers a bit more special with typewriter. Had slight problems with the machine resulting 4 covers in about an hour. Luckily there's only 10 cassettes coming, hah.

And good news about the actual demo; I just got the shakuhachi part for Random Mega Force! Salutes to Erkki! Now just some final mixing and mastering and we're done.

Here's some pics and a video from the cover session:


keskiviikko 15. joulukuuta 2010

maanantai 6. joulukuuta 2010

Freaky shit

Merry December to all,
the demo is progressing slowly but surely!
On 27th November Oulu's Radio Mega played a rough mix of the opening track Imperative Movement and the same evening we played a gig at Hevimesta. As promised before, we had a special guest star with us, Erkki Lassila who played shakuhachi (japanese flute) for a few songs. Our setlist included demo's all four tracks (except that "Täpstorm" was played in the old school way), DBO's old classic Dearth Of Life and an unexpected encore that went, well, just fine considering that we hadn't rehearsed for it at all. All in all, a fun evening! Behind this link you'll find some videos from the show + soundcheck.


maanantai 22. marraskuuta 2010

Mixing day

so yesterday we progressed fine with the mix. Plus I played a short theremin "solo" with first take and laid some SID-stuff in few places as well. Sometimes there's a lot going on being a drums and bass demo, hah.

Again, some pics from the sessions:

Lustfully yours,

lauantai 20. marraskuuta 2010

The gestation period end's looming

Howdy there,
this Sunday we're gonna put the last percussion tracks and some special stuff to the table and meld it all together with the help of our mixing wizard Väinö. We may also record some theremin and SID-synths for few parts.. But even now the mix sounds great and I could say that we'll have the demo finished before Christmas.

Today we rehearsed for our next gig @ Hevimesta next Saturday 27.11. (free entrance!) With us was shakuhachi guru Erkki who's gonna play some solos also for the demo. We'll perform all demo tracks there for the first time so you shouldn't miss that. Some other special guests may be appearing there as well..
Here's a couple of pics from the sessions:

See ya next Saturday!


torstai 28. lokakuuta 2010


Here's some promo pics taken by Marko Moilanen.
By the way, we're going to play with Cause For Effect and Plan E at Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu 5th March 2011. Guitar-free evening!


sunnuntai 17. lokakuuta 2010

Promo shootings

Today we went to White Lake to shoot some promo pics. Thanks to our photographer/roadie Marko Moilanen for taking the pics and leading us to such interesting surroundings!
Almost everything was tried, from fake diving to human k+k logo formation. Also music video was planned but then came rain and we had to leave to save our precious equipment. But I think we got some ideal material for promotion and demo covers!

-Jani / K+K

lauantai 9. lokakuuta 2010


Today we recorded some special stuff for the demo; whistle, accordion, clapping, cheeks, lighters, iPhone and percussion. Ilkka Lassila did outstanding job as our narrative growling guest, cheers! Extra salutes goes to Antti Karhu the percussion producer; great, great ideas. I'm getting more and more convinced that this demo will be the shit!
Here's some pics and a video from the session:

Next week promo shootings in the forest, going to be epic.
Then some shakuhachin, synths and theremin recordings plus plenty of mixing and finally mastering for vinyl, cassette and internet releases. We'll get there!


maanantai 27. syyskuuta 2010


So all drums 'n' bass tracks are now recorded. It was a fun weekend indeed despite the fact that I had conveniently injured my left shoulder just before the studio. Thus I had to place my cymbals lower than usually. But it went just fine and we got great sounds from Dollar Sound with the help of Janne Riikola the studio wizard!

This week's intentions includes percussion recordings (bongos, djembe, shakers, tambourine, cowbell etc.) plus serious mixing. And maybe shooting some epic band photos for cassette and vinyl covers!


Btw, here's a teaser containing clips from all four songs:

sunnuntai 26. syyskuuta 2010

Hangover Sound Studios

Yep. Basses recorded in three hours with the help of two energy drinks and some chips. Most of the parts were very easy to play, but some parts were maybe a bit too fresh for studio.. Gladly, Jani offered his helping hand and played some tough parts in the song "Random Mega Force". Check the end of the video for that stuff. In the end it fitted out nicely!

Bass parts were recorded with a Warwick 5-string Fortress One and a 4-string Ibanez electro-acoustic. The sound was taken directly from my V-amp for bass. There is some ultra bass, high end boosts, drive and special effects, making the bass-drum duo soundscape a bit more interesting.

We are going to record some more stuff, at least extra percussions, some sounds of rain, a flute solo and some spoken words.

Jarru K.

lauantai 25. syyskuuta 2010

Dollar Sound - day 1

Yesterday was drumming time, here's some pictures and video collage from the productive evening. Next basses, watch out!!


tiistai 21. syyskuuta 2010

Hey you,

We just finished up doing the background support midi's. Great deal of changes were also made to the songs and some of those we done with throwing a dice. Literately.

In the song with working name "Imperative" the 50th tact was randomized with throwing a 20-sided dice twice and divided with 2. We had a 15 and a 5, which makes it total 20. Now Jani has to compose a drum fill to a tact of 20/2 = 10 8th notes, ending up simplified to 5/4. 

Two throwes ending up together in an uneven sum would've been funnier though! We love twisted (and missing?) 16th notes, surely we do.

We are both anxious about the album, there will be some really good stuff on it. On friday and saturday we'll step to the Dollar Sound Studio with a big, crooked smile on our faces, knowing that it will be AWESOME.

drumming the table, anxiously,

Jarru K.