maanantai 14. tammikuuta 2013

Back from the silence!

Howdy there!

Been a long time. I guess we didn't make any history in year 2012 - at least with this band. But something happened, we released an EP with our other band Depth Beyond One's, Jarru moved to Tampere, we jammed a few tunes at my wedding party (drums+bass), my other band Clock Paradox released its debut album and Jarru moved back to Oulu.

And now since the whole band is in town, we can start to practice new material. I won't reveal our plans yet, but I promise it'll get interesting! We have also a gig coming in summer at the local happening called Syynirock. And 3rd cassette pressing of "sub specie aeternitatis" is almost ready. Very limited stuff! More info on that stuff here:

Till next time
Jani / K+K