lauantai 28. joulukuuta 2013

Final update (of the year, again!)

Well that was the year 2013. It was actually our busiest year so far, at least concerning concerts. After the last update, we played "Nuke" for the 4th time (hails to headliner The Grand Astoria!) and then Ravintola Caio in 8th December.

As said earlier, we surely played one new tune live a few times. And we're actually heading for the studio to record it, if possible, before the end of the year! So prepare yourselves for some bizarreness!

We're also going to publish our next gig soon. It will be very special event, I promise!

Btw, here's a collage from the "summer tour":

So have a good new year and we'll get back to you sooooon!

-Jani / K+K

lauantai 27. heinäkuuta 2013

More gigs and stuff

So we played Ykän pub and the night was success, Talbot proved their brilliancy once again and Earthbound Machine played superb set as well! After that our trek continued to a mystical festival called Syynirock on 19th July. We had great time and apparently some people enjoyed our music and especially our special t-shirts! There's still some canvas bags left and they'll be available on our shows. Our next stop and the final gig for our "10th anniversary concert tour" is at Nuclear Nightclub on 31th July.

And lastly, the third and final cassette pressing is finally ready. It's numbered with insert and impressive 75 minutes of bonus material. It consists of DBO's remixed debut album "Red Lines Re-Entwined", original mix for the demo plus one surprise tune. You can purchase that also at our gig or via email. Price tag is 5 euros.

See you!

torstai 9. toukokuuta 2013

Gig + new material

Our next gig is at Ykän pub in Oulu 24.5. warming up the great Estonian fellows of Talbot. They play bone crushing heavy music with drums & bass. Also Earthbound Machine from Helsinki will be performing. Besides the classics we will play one brand new tune, so be sure to be there!

And what comes to our second release, the core material is already written. Now we need to practice hugely and maybe tweak some arrangements but I think we will be ready for studio by the end of summer. Or by the end of 2013, at the latest! I can reveal that there might be slight Mew influences, at least in some way. We both love that unique Danish band and have even played a bit of Introduing the Palace Players live one time.

That's it for now. Later! -Jani

maanantai 14. tammikuuta 2013

Back from the silence!

Howdy there!

Been a long time. I guess we didn't make any history in year 2012 - at least with this band. But something happened, we released an EP with our other band Depth Beyond One's, Jarru moved to Tampere, we jammed a few tunes at my wedding party (drums+bass), my other band Clock Paradox released its debut album and Jarru moved back to Oulu.

And now since the whole band is in town, we can start to practice new material. I won't reveal our plans yet, but I promise it'll get interesting! We have also a gig coming in summer at the local happening called Syynirock. And 3rd cassette pressing of "sub specie aeternitatis" is almost ready. Very limited stuff! More info on that stuff here:

Till next time
Jani / K+K