sunnuntai 29. elokuuta 2010

Waiting for studio

Well, here we are. Going to studio and having 0 complete songs. But hey, we've got almost four weeks time to rehearse! Besides, we are used to these kind of schedules as all of our gigs have been confirmed about a week or even less before the showtime. So it shouldn't be a biggie... I hope!

I can reveal that we might be doing a slight different version of DBO's old hit song (at least in our clever minds) The Storm Has Outspread. Btw, that was the very first tune that was compiled when we were starting the band in 2005. You could get some kind of idea what's about to come from the youtube material of our latest gig.
Other than that we have just some ideas, new and old. We might left some space for improvisation, but we'll see what happens. The total lenght of the demo will be around 15 minutes or so. I could also reveal that there might be some peculiar synth sounds and noises for spicing up the package...

And something about the release formats. There will be a limited cassette edition. Yes, our good old friend c-cassette! As we're not the most ordinary band anyway, we thought it would be interesting to do that. Also, we were thinking of doing even more limited vinyl (10") edition that I've been dreaming of doing with one of my bands for some time now. It will be very hc limited, I mean at most 10 pieces as they're so damn expensive to do. The songs will be put online as well so don't you worry.

I happened to come across and get permission to use this stunning picture that we're gonna use for the cover. So both the cassette and vinyl releases will look awesome. Now it all depends on composing the songs... Exciting!